around the world in 10 minutes

Most of us are familiar with the fiction “Around the world in 80 days” where a man travels all over the world in 80 days and wins the bet and bags lots of fortune. In my case, I haven’t started this journey with an intention to win something  or to bag a fortune………..Infact, I didn’t find anyone who believe in me and challenge  me to travel all over the world in ten minutes. I am a simple traveller with a simple taste.


The rays of sun were fading away, most of them had already lost in the horizon. The absence of the light was being felt, here I started tapping my foot on a well paved road of Boudha. Yes, I was in Boudha. It narrates its own story of its existence and glorious history to which I am still unknown. There is a Roman proverb “Every roads leads you to Rome” same applies here in Boudha, “Every steps leads you to where you were before”. The path itself is circular, inclined at 10° and  turned around 360° approximately. I started walking in a clockwise direction, not only me there were many in my front, back and  on both side. For a moment I felt like I was in a protest with a slogan “Om Mane Padme Hun”


In my every new steps my bunny ears heard different languages; Korean, English, Chinese, French……some of them were very strange that I couldn’t figure out what they were saying, some were heard for the first time and there were few I could understand partially. Every minutes I saw new faces  from different countries. I am not a mind reader who knows, which country a person  belongs  to by just seeing their faces. Each time I was calculating a equation, something like this

Round, White, Clear face +  neat hair + Nikon camera = Korean/ chinese/ Japanese

White face + brown hair + tall =  American…etc.

I kept on assuming on my own.

Your eyes will be mesmerized by the art, sculpture, paintings and handicrafts  being displayed in front of Boudha. You can find ancient Thanka painting to modern abstract.  Each of them colored  and manufactured carefully , some with gold itself having their own unique details. The artist are comparable to Da Vinci and Picasso and their work same as Monalisa.

If you are a food lover then the restaurant over here provides varieties of dishes from Spanish- Korean, Indian – Chinese, Nepali- western foods……. If you don’t find any of these please don’t argue with me I only read signboard!  If you prefer junk food then Panipuri, Laphing, Shyabaklep, Momo, sausage could be a great pick. You can also see a modern machine filling up the coffee mugs along with a traditional wooden trunk making Tibetan butter tea. Buddhist, Christian, Hindus, Muslim praying and worshiping together.

I walked clockwise in  a 360° path thrice, I did three kora. Though the path was same, each second the environment was changing, a new feeling to explore more kept on emerging. Even in a ten  minutes I could see varieties of people, language, dress, religion, everything different to each other.

And at last I was standing at the same place where I started. Finally I prayed, bagged some virtue  and with a pride in a heart that I travelled the world in ten minutes I went back  home.




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